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MB  DSC_8790DSC_8791  Anne, Collom and Mhairi

“There is no war that serves any other purpose than to destroy but there is something that is different, an extra dimension, nuclear weapons because when a bomb falls and it’s victims are taken on instant impact it’s horrendous but when a nuclear bomb falls for those that survive, it’s only the beginning.  Gums will bleed, hair will fall out in clumps, skin will begin to erode, children will be born deformed with disabilities, they will be born with instant disadvantages, and yet, we have not seemed to learn from this.” Mhairi Black M.P. 

“What we must remember is what our purpose is, our purpose is to make sure this never happens again and the reality is that no matter where nuclear weapons exist, that no matter whose hands those nuclear weapons are in, we are one step away from this kind of event happening, so long as they exist in our society. So let’s keep going, let’s keep bringing this to the forefront of political debate and let’s make sure that the victims of this disaster and any other disasters are not forgotten and we make sure they are remembered through fighting for that better society.” Mhairi Black M.P. 

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Dear England,

I just wanted you to know that even after all this chaos, I still love you. I don’t think for a moment those idiotic, racist, inflammatory remarks from your elected representative’s are in any way a reflection of the majority of the people of your land. Well no more than I believe that muppets like Murphy are true representatives of mine. I know, just like me, you can see through all the shit-stirring media manipulation and  I trust you’ll take the time to get to the facts at the heart of these matters. All this mud-slinging and name calling really must stop though. It is totally intolerable and will only hold us back from ever reaching a better place.  We all know we could do so much better than this if we just stopped the kids from running amok in the big house, they’re a right shower of spoiled, selfish brats. I often wonder if something happened while they were at boarding school that led to it.

Don’t worry I’m sending some of my finest reinforcements to help you as you try to save what’s left of your NHS and also deal with some of our other shared concerns. We can’t keep pretending everything’s okay when it’s clearly not working for either of us.

Lots of love and healing,

Scotland ❤

p.s. Maybe some marriage counselling would help…


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Breaking the Bounds

david Cameron

The face of the Empire.

I know I’m not the only one calling and the noise can get too much.

I know your privileged upbringing has left you out of touch.

In a bubble since birth, in a life bred for success

Where a person’s worth is determined by their dress

Bought into the stories from the ancestors who owned slaves

To me they’re no more evolved than the dwellers in caves.

You don’t listen to our pleas, as we make our case to you.

You ignore us completely when we try to share our views.

Bound and gagged by a flag, nothing’s really changed

It’s like we’re repeating history over and over again.

You spread the lies and call us dangerous names

You spread your hatred and make us bear the shame

The might of the media impounding your lies

I wonder if you’d dare look me in the eyes.

I may be guilty of being born in a scheme,

I may never get a chance to “live the dream”

It might look to some that I’m the rat in the race,

But from what I see you’re the disgrace.

Been given so much, yet all you do is take more

Not from the rich but from the mouths of the poor.

If you really believed it’s their personal choice,

Why are you so frightened the world hears their voice?

Stop hiding in spin and playing a role,

Come out of hiding, show me your soul.

Is it still in there, masquerading around?

Or is it gone, never to be found?

I see how you use hypnosis like magic,

It would be quite cool, if it wasn’t so tragic.

Bewitched no more with the spells that were cast.

Still in the game but my mind’s free at last.

No more waiting or playing around,

As the rumble keeps growing

Can you hear that mighty sound?

If only you’d listened, we tried to play fair,

And all that we asked was that you started to care.

You think we’re beneath you, just minions and serfs

And even now you try to dictate what we’re worth

Gone are the days when we worked to get by,

Now it’s the lies that we’re all just “work-shy”.

Big society and working for free,

how will that pay for the kids blinking tea?

4000 people lined up for one job,

Doesn’t sound to me like a nation of slobs.

You’ve rifled our country for too bloody long,

You just need to listen to the words of your song.

Yes the one with the “Rebellious Scots to crush”

How can she stand there and not even blush?

What counts as rebellion in this day and age?

Would it be a comment on a Facebook page?

It seems to me, we must obey

We must simply, do what you say.

Our questions unanswered, they hang in the wind

But as we find our voices, our nation will sing

You can’t gag an idea that’s already caught hold,

You won’t conquer a nation, known to be bold.

As the truth is set free, and our history comes to light,

We’ll reign supreme, with love over might.

Copyright Rashelle Reid 2014

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