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“Never underestimate the power

of stupid people in large groups.”

George Carlin

Stupid People

I won’t be subject to your hypothesis, unless you put it to the test.

And though I’m kinda serious, I write these words in jest.

Did I give you permission to try and manipulate my mind?

You really are mistaken if you think you’re being kind!

I see your illusions and the stories that you’ve bought.

Even though you seem to think it’s in the web I’m caught.

I don’t have to prove anything or give you what you seek.

And I ain’t going to sit here and pretend that it’s not bleak.

We’re at a time of crisis and the blind are leading the blind.

With many so called “experts” dabbling in the mind.

The thought police are in place and they’re watching every move.

And that’s why it’s so important to be content with your own groove.

I don’t buy other people’s stories, whether teacher, guide or fool.

Awareness is my teacher even more than school.

Analysing data and making a decision.

Your words may be sharp but they won’t make an incision.

You are sharing others stories, not facts or data you have scoured.

That’s what really makes my expression turn sour.

Yes it’s distasteful, when your bullets are aimed.

Yet your lack of research leaves you somewhat maimed.

If I desired your guidance, I would surely ask.

But why would I, when you hide behind a mask.

©2014 copyright ~All Rights Reserved Rashelle Reid

For information on the bias of the reporting during the Scottish Independence Referendum and much more visit Thought Control Scotland here… https://thoughtcontrolscotland.wordpress.com/


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Lest We Forget or To Re-member

11th November is Armistice Day, a day to commemorate the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany at 11 am on 11 November 1918 – on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  Was the significance of this time and date known then? I don’t know, but it is a time and numerological sequence that we now see as a symbol of Unity Consciousness and is synonymous with our personal and collective awakening. How synchronistic that is also the time when a treaty of Peace was signed after 20 million lost their lives to war.

Although hostilities continued in some areas, the armistice essentially brought an end to World War I and provided an opportunity for the World to see the devastation caused by war and come together as one. Unfortunately, this is an opportunity we’ve yet to take, even all these years later.

Since the end of World War 1, Armistice Day has been marked each year by a two-minute silence at 11am, a chance for people to stop and remember the 20 million who died during the conflict. Now, the two-minute silence is more often held on Remembrance Sunday, the Sunday closest to Armistice Day, which is a day of remembrance for all those killed in all wars.

We often hear the message “Lest We Forget” on Armistice Day, and though this message is important what if we were to reframe it slightly and make it even more powerful.

Let us remember.

Let us remember.

Let us remember.

Let us remember the devastation caused by war.

Let us remember the fallen heroes who’s lives were cut short and the families that were devastated as a result.

Let us remember the lessons from World War 2 and how Hitler devastated the World with Propaganda, and let’s put an end to the manipulation of the mind that continues to this day.

Let us remember the devastation that is caused when actions are carried out in the name of fear, anger and control,

Let us remember, that our differences are less important than our similarities.

Let us remember we are cells of one body of humanity, and that when we turn against each other because of our beliefs we cause damage to the whole.

Let us remember, by coming together beyond the beliefs.

Let us remember, that we were never separate until the stories of our mind told us we were.

Let us remember that we are one with each other and the Universe.

Have you remembered yet?

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