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Forever Yew

The Craigends Yew by Rashelle Reid


tree, layering,

enticing; the curious,

the seeker to contemplate,

signs, rebirth is always occurring

and that even decay can herald

the birth of new life.

As the cycle continues

and the circle

remains unbroken



Forever Yew

The Craigends Yew by Rashelle Reid





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MB  DSC_8790DSC_8791  Anne, Collom and Mhairi

“There is no war that serves any other purpose than to destroy but there is something that is different, an extra dimension, nuclear weapons because when a bomb falls and it’s victims are taken on instant impact it’s horrendous but when a nuclear bomb falls for those that survive, it’s only the beginning.  Gums will bleed, hair will fall out in clumps, skin will begin to erode, children will be born deformed with disabilities, they will be born with instant disadvantages, and yet, we have not seemed to learn from this.” Mhairi Black M.P. 

“What we must remember is what our purpose is, our purpose is to make sure this never happens again and the reality is that no matter where nuclear weapons exist, that no matter whose hands those nuclear weapons are in, we are one step away from this kind of event happening, so long as they exist in our society. So let’s keep going, let’s keep bringing this to the forefront of political debate and let’s make sure that the victims of this disaster and any other disasters are not forgotten and we make sure they are remembered through fighting for that better society.” Mhairi Black M.P. 

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DSC_7982  DSC_7974



Once again Freedom Square, Glasgow was awash with saltires flying high as Scotland joined thousands around the U.K. and Europe taking to the streets to demand an end to Austerity.  Estimates from Police Scotland say there was 1000 in attendance but I’d say that’s a fairly low estimate as people were coming and going all day.  The mood was more sombre than it’s been at the recent Hope over Fear demos as the memory of those we’ve already lost to austerity and what the next five years might bring weighs heavily on the minds of those in attendance.

Renfrewshire was well represented with members of the SNP’s Tannahill branch in attendance as well as members of Renfrewshire CND and individuals from Paisley including local teachers and nurses who see clearly the effects these cuts are having on real people’s lives.  Our newly elected M.P. for Renfrewshire and Paisley, Mhairi Black was also in attendance, though unfortunately I never seen her as I was walking around in a cold induced haze giving out Scrap Trident leaflets for Scottish CND.


With stories that Paisley’s job centre is one of the most heavily sanctioned in the country, there is no doubt our community is paying the price for austerity and yet the current government would rather spend £100 billion on Trident instead of investing in the people of the U.K.  As Scotland is the home of this supposed “nuclear deterrent” that Greenpeace showed long ago isn’t a deterrent  and we are all in the Kill Zone should there be an attack or accident at Faslane it is vital we encourage all our representatives to work together on this regardless of their political persuasion.

Overall the message of the day was hopeful and as the event came to a close the crowd sang along with Gerry Cinnamon’s Hope over Fear anthem, optimistic that we can create a fairer more just Scotland together.

Mhairi Black M.P. being elected was one of the highlights of the 2015 election and shows clearly what can happen when a community comes together with a common goal.

As we approach the Scottish Elections in 2016 it is important that we understand that should Scotland return 67% of Pro-Indy supporting SMP’s a Universal Declaration of Independence is not only possible but inevitable and Scotland’s Independence is the key to changing it all and the reason why so many people in attendance at Saturday’s event were wearing their I’m still YES t-shirts while waving their YES flags.  We are no longer a country divided, we are a country united in our vision for a fairer more just society and this time we’re gonna do it anyway.

We're gonna do it anyway


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My first ever poetry video on a topic that’s close to my heart.

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Chemtrails Paisley Chemtrails Paisley Chemtrails Paisley

I love blue skies and natural things, these are what makes my heart sing.

I love people, and prayers and sunny days, these are the simple ways.

I trust the Mamma who’s provided all I see  more than the men in power who lied to me!

I want the truth and end to this, and only friend’s who care for my kids!!

How can I grow organic, when there’s downpours of heavy metallics?

This is happening there is no room for doubt, let’s stand together and force the crazies out!!!

This is a heartfelt plea to all my friends from the kids and me.


These pictures were taken above my house right now 😦

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I've always lived close to an airport, this is the first year I've seen this regular!!DSC_0076

Chemtrails or Contrails?

Fact or fiction?

Beliefs or Lies?

Apathetic, Curious or Conditioned?

Purpose driven or Survival Driven?

It’s a funny old world, there is no doubt!
And there’s many words that hold lots of clout.
Something’s off, it’s plain to see.
And, at what cost to you and me?

I’d rather be wrong than be right,
But it seems to me a dreadful plight!
Haven’t we got it? What’s taking so long?
How we’re treating the planet is simply wrong!

Our world, our children are depending on you,
So tell me please, what will you do?
Will you keep quiet and hide in the dark?
Or decide right now, to make your mark.

The time has gone now when we failed to see,
The truth that was hidden from you and me,
An abundant Earth for all to share,
When we stop competing and start to care.

For me the question I often ask,
What’s the agenda hidden behind the mask?
What do they gain from the stories they fuel,
Millions of money or potential ridicule?

Stop the stories before they start,
Tune in, listen to your heart.
Hear it’s calling, what’s it say?
Is it really to look the other way?

The truth is out there, so they say,
Yet it’s in the heart the wise choose to stay.
You know the answers, you always did.
Just think back to when you were a kid.

Our minds are conditioned, it’s a fact of life,
Is yours conditioned for trouble and strife?
Do you feel powerless, strong or weak,
Repel your magnificence? Just to be meek?

It is not by shrinking and remaining unheard,
That we diminish the power of thing’s that we dread,
It’s like reassuring a child at night,
All we need, is to switch on the light.

Put the pieces together and it’s easy to see,
The illusion that played out around you and me,
There is no lack, we have the solutions we need.
Yet many continue in the game of greed.

Changing within, really does change without,
It’s up to you to raise your voice and shout!
I write for me and all I hold dear,
This world needs love, let go of the fear.

Whatever your label, we need to stop the fight.
This battle is not to we won by might.
The elite, the kabal, the 1%
It’s all consciousness, that’s what they meant!

The sages, the saints, the Masters of past,
They paved the way and we got here at last,
Be thankful for they have led the way,
To humanity’s brightest day.

Transcending the drama’s all well and good,
And we can still do that while protecting our food,
Let us never forget with what we’ve been blessed.
As we focus on creating heaven manifest.


“Why in the World are They Spraying?” NEW Critically Acclaimed Documentary [HD FULL]

**CHEMTRAIL PROPAGANDA ** BBC News Disinformation …is this a crime to be exposed??(High).flv

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